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JAN 30 1967




Jr A












1967 Convention


The American Iris Society

Meeting Dates: Starts 1:00 p.m., Wednesday, May 31

Ends with banquet, Saturday, June 3

Mail Registrations to:

Everett L. Cline

991 South Columbine St.

Denver, Colorado 80209

Registration Fee:

Before May 1, 1967 . $37.00

After May 1, 1967 . . $42.00

Principal convention garden in Denver at Denver Botanic Gar¬ dens, with approximately 1000 different irises in one garden. Supplemental gardens at Boulder, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.



of the


NO. 184


EDITORIAL STAFF J. Arthur Nelson, Editor Kay N. Negus, Assistant Editor 3131 North 58th St., Omaha, Nebr. 68104

Associate Editor

Mrs. Peggy Burke Grey, 8191 Franz Valley Road, Calistoga, Calif. 94515

Bulletin Representatives

Median Iris Society

Mrs. F. W. Warburton, R. 2, Box 541, Westboro, Mass. 01581

The Society for Siberian Irises

Mrs. Foster Spofford, 19 Everett St., Beverly Farms, Mass. 01920

Spuria Iris Society

Mrs. Stayton Nunn, 11122 Claymore Drive, Houston, Texas 77024

Society for Japanese Irises

Mrs. Troy Westmeyer, 60 Gary Road, Stamford, Conn. 06903

The Bulletin is published quarterly by The American Iris Society. Publishing office, 2237 Tower Grove Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 63110. Second-class postage paid at St. Louis, Mo., and at additional mailing offices.

Communications regarding membership in the Society, advertising, and other items of business should be addressed to Mr. Clifford W. Benson, Executive Secre¬ tary, 2237 Tower Grove Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 63110.

Communications regarding editorial matters should be addressed to Mr. J. Arthur Nelson, 3131 North 58th Street, Omaha, Nebr. 68104. For information about mem¬ bership, advertising rates, and back issues, see page 3.

The Bulletin is printed by The Williams Printing Company, Nashville, Tenn.



A non-profit institution incorporated Feb. 2, 1927, in the County of Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania. By the terms of the Charter, the Corporation has no stock¬ holders and exists for the sole purpose of promoting the culture and improvement of the IRIS.


President: Hubert A. Fischer, Meadow Gardens, 63rd St., Hinsdale, Ill. 60521. First Vice President: J. Arthur Nelson, 3131 N. 58th St., Omaha, Nebr. 68104. Second Vice President: William T. Bledsoe, R. 4, Fayetteville, Tenn. 37334. Secretary: Clifford W. Benson, 2237 Tower Grove Blvd., St. Louis, Mo., 63110

(Telephone: Area Code 314, PR 6-8155)

Treasurer: Jay C. Ackerman, 3535 Waverly Hills Rd., Lansing, Mich., 48917 Registrar-Recorder: J. Arthur Nelson 3131 North 58th St., Omaha, Nebraska, 68104 Historian: Mrs. C. E. McCaughey, 5720 N.W. 36th St., Oklahoma City, Okla., 73122


Immediate Past President: Robert S. Carney. Past Presidents: John Wister, Jesse E. Wills, Guy Rogers, Harold Knowlton, Marion Walker, Dr. L. F. Randolph.

Terms expiring in 1967: Terms expiring in 1968: Terms expiring in 1969:

John A. Bartholomew Mrs. J. R. Hamblen

Mrs. Walter H. Buxton Dr. John R. Durrance

Dr. Raymond C. Allen William T. Bledsoe

J. Arthur Nelson E. E. Varnum

Hubert A. Fischer Ira E. Wood Larry Gaulter Robert Schreiner


Advertising: Mrs. Peggy Burke Grey, 8191 Franz Valley Rd., Calistoga, Calif., 94515 Affiliates and Sections: E. E. Varnum, 550 S. Princeton Ave., Villa Park, Ill. 60181 Anniversary Bulletin: Ira E. Wood, 37 Pine Court, New Providence, N.J. 07974 Awards: J. Arthur Nelson, 3131 N. 58th St., Omaha, Nebr. 68104.

Exhibitions: William T. Bledsoe, R. 4, Fayetteville, Tenn., 37334 Garden Judges: Mrs. Walter H. Buxton, 111 Chatwood Terrace, St. Louis, Mo. 63126 Honorary Medals: Robert S. Carney, 500 Colonial Rd., Memphis, Tenn. 38117. Judges Training: Larry Gaulter, 20124 Catalina Drive, Castro Valley, Calif., 94546 Membership: Clifford W. Benson, 2237 Tower Grove Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 63110 Publications: Thomas E. Jacoby, Oakfield, New York, 14125 (Co-Chairman);

J. Arthur Nelson, 3131 North 58th St., Omaha, Nebraska, 68104 (Co-Chairman) Public Relations: Joseph Gatty, 5-22 Hazel Place, Fair Lawn, New Jersey. Con¬ sultant: Miss Ruth Rees, 1059 Bird Ave., San Jose, Calif. 95125.

Registrations: Mrs. J. R. Hamblen, 2778 West 5600 South, Roy, Utah 84067 Robins: Chairman; John A. Bartholomew, 35 Pine Grove St., Milton, Mass., 02186 Director; Bill Krasting, 86 N. Kings Highway, Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034 RVP Counsellor: Robert S. Carney, 500 Colonial Rd., Memphis, Tenn. 38117 Scientific: Herbert M. Parker, 2030 Harris Ave., Richland, Wash. 99352 Slides: Robert Schreiner, R. 2, Box 301, Salem, Oregon, 97303 Species: B. LeRoy Davidson, 905 Western Ave., Seattle, Wash. 98104 Test Gardens (National): Dr. Raymond C. Allen, Kingwood Center, Mansfield, Ohio, 44903

Test Gardens (Regional): Dr. John R. Durrance, 4301 E. Cedar Ave., Denver, Colo. 80222

Youth: Mrs. Elizabeth H. Rowe, 1231 Wightman, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15127


Table of Contents

From the President’s Desk .

Distinguished Service Medal ....

Hybridizers’ Medals .

Eight New RVPs .

New Chairmen and Directors ..

AIS Judges for 1967 .

Denver in ’67 .

Lay Down the Law .

The Medians

Pumila-Talls .

Intermediates .

Borders .

Miniature Tall Bearded

Unpredictable Species .

Species Exhibits .

New Color Class in Medians ..

Bennett Jones’ Garden .

Median Color Classification .

Varietal Comments .

Median Miscellany .

What Is an Iris Lover? .

In Memoriam .

Writing Complex Pedigrees .... B. Y. Morrison Research Grant

Report of the Treasurer .

Minutes of Directors’ Meeting

Awards .

Iris Clinic .

From the Editor’s Desk .

Sections of AIS .

Affiliates of AIS .

Attention Affiliates .

Guest Irises Ballot .

Membership Campaign .

British Iris Society .

Hubert A. Fischer 7

. 9

. 9

. 11

. 15

. 16

Jack Riley 29 William T. Bledsoe 31

John E. Goett 34

. Alta M. Brown 35

Bennett C. Jones 37

. Jean Witt 39

. Charlotte Gantz 43

. Carol Ramsey 46

Earl R. Roberts 47

. George A. Galer 49

Harry B. Kuesel 51

. 57

Bee Warburton 73 Thomas J. Buckley 84

. 90

Leonard Michel 90 Charlotte Sawyer 92 Jay Ackerman 95

. C. W. Benson 97

. 106

. 108

. 109


Iris Slides .



Bulletin Adv. Rates .



Membership Rates .



How To Join AIS Robin .



How To Register and Introduce



Commercial Directory .


COVER: The cover for the January Bulletex is that of four medians which have won places in American iris gardens. (Photo courtesy of Schreiner’s Gardens. )



1— Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Mr. Kenneth M. Waite, Tow Path Lane, Westfield, Mass. 01085.

2— New York. Mr. William H. Peck, Mt. Rt., Box 30, Oyster Bay, N.Y. 11771.

3— Pennsylvania and Delaware. Mrs. Elizabeth H. Rowe, 1231 Wightman, Pitts¬ burgh, Pa., 15217.

4— Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. Mrs. Rena Frantz, 813 Tremont Road, Salem, Va., 24153.

5— South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Mrs. Vivian Buchanan, 2000 West Wesley Road, N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 30327.

6— Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Mr. Anthony Willott, 26231 Shaker Blvd., Cleve¬ land, Ohio, 44124.

7— Kentucky and Tennessee. Mr. Franklin Tice, 1220 Tates Creek Pike, Lexington, Ky. 40502.

8— Wisconsin and Minnesota. Mr. G. F. Hanson, 7124 Riverdale Road, Minneapolis, Minn., 55430.

9— Illinois. Mr. Lerton IV. Hooker, 117 W. Greenfield, Lombard, Ill. 60148.

10— Louisiana. Mrs. Ruth Noel, Route 4, Box 23, Shreveport, La. 71109.

11— Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Mrs. Ed Conrad, 520 12th Ave. North, Buhl, Idaho 83316.

12— Utah. Dr. Odell Julander, 1790 West 1460 North, Provo, Utah, 94601.

13— Washington and Oregon. Mr. Herbert M. Parker, 2030 Harris Ave., Richland, Wash. 99352.

14— Northern California and Nevada. Mrs. Bernice Roe, 1051 Bird Avenue, San Jose, Calif., 95125.

15— Southern California and Arizona. Mrs. Barbara Serdtjnski, 3414 Ferncroft Road, Los Angeles, Calif. 90039.

16— Canada. Mr. Douglas Insleay, 2920 Berlioz Ave., Ville Brossard, Quebec, Canada.

17— Texas. Mr. Leon C. Wolford, 7530 Forney Road, Dallas, Texas 75227.

18— Kansas and Missouri. Mr. C. Allen Harper, 100 East 81st St., North, Kansas City, Missouri, 64118.

19— New Jersey, Staten Island, N. Y. Mr. Paid L. Hoffmeister, 658 Meisten St., Westwood, N. J. 07675.

20— Colorado. Charles P. Gordon, 414 Eudora St., Denver, Colo. 80220.

21— Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. Mr. Larry Harder, Ponca, Neb. 68770.

22— Arkansas and Oklahoma. Mr. John W. Humphrey, 1102 Adams St., Stillwater, Oklahoma, 74074.

23— New Mexico. Mrs. Bernard Lowenstein, 611 Aliso Drive, SE., Albuquerque, N. M. 87108.

24— Alabama and Mississippi. Mr. Joe M. Langdon, 5605 11th Ave., South, Bir¬ mingham, Ala. 35222.


Sections of the American Iris Society

Median Iris Society

President, Mrs. Adelaide Peterson, Hill Road, Brentwood, Tenn. 37027 Society for Siberian Irises

President, Mrs. John W. Withers, Green Acres Farm, Rt. 1, Box A-10, Mandan, North Dak. 58554

Spuria Iris Society

President, Ralph A. Johnson, 4414 East Flower St., Phoenix, Ariz. 85018

The Society for Japanese Irises, Pres. Mrs. Troy Westmeyer, 60 Gary Road, Stamford, Conn. 06903.

The conditions under which a special-interest group may become a Section for AIS are—

1. The American members of the society must be members of AIS.

2. Its bylaws must be approved by the AIS.

3. Participation in the AIS registration and award systems is required.

4. Provision for publication of articles of general interest, exclusive of news¬ letters, may be arranged.

The president of a Section is a member of the AIS Board of Counselors, and societies having Sectional status will he listed in the AIS Bulletin.

Affiliates of the American Iris Society

Bessemer Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Alton Lawrence, Bessemer, Ala. Birmingham Area Iris Society, Pres., Richard Mansfield- Jones, Birmingham, Ala.

Cal-Ciier-Et Iris Society, Pres., Carl Coley, Piedmont, Ala.

Etowah Chapter of AIS, Pres., W. H. Ponder, Gadsden, Ala.

Huntsville Chapter of AIS, Pres., Dr. Marvin Hall, Huntsville, Ala. Marshall County Iris Society, Pres., Homer E. Scruggs, Guntersville, Ala. North Alabama Iris Society, Pres., J. M. Ross, Huntsville, Ala.

Tucson Iris Society, Pres., Joseph H. Fairbanks, Tucson, Ariz.

Hot Springs Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Ida Ashford, Hot Springs, Ark.

Butte Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Ed Fansler, Chico, Calif.

San Diego-Imperial County Iris Society, Pres., Arthur D. Day, Chula Vista, Calif.

Kern County Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. James Barton, Oildale, Calif.

Sydney B. Mitchell Iris Society, Pres., Glenn Corlew, Walnut Creek, Calif. Central Valley Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Sam Price, Modesto, Calif. Morgan County Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Dorothy Spotts, Fort Morgan, Colo. Connecticut Iris Society, Pres., Dr. Frank E. Halleck, Madison, Conn. Pollen Daubers Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Eva Wiedrick, Boise, Idaho. Northern Illinois Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Arthur Voss, Chicago, Ill. Southern Illinois Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Paul S. Knight, Omaha, Ill. Northeastern Indiana Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Adda E. Ayres, Redkey, Ind. Wichita Area Iris Society', Pres., Mr. James Fry, Wichita, Kans.

Bluegrass Iris Society, Pres., Mr. Franklin Brewer, Lexington, Ky.


Society for Louisiana Irises, Pres., J. K. Mertzweiller, Baton Rouge, La. Maine Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Myrtle K. Churchill, Yarmouth, Maine Twin City" Iris Society', Pres., Mrs. S. C. Rudser, Minneapolis, Minn.

Jackson Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. W. Howard Kessler, Jackson, Miss. Meridian Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. J. D. Duke, Meridian, Miss.

Mississippi Area Iris Society', Pres., Mrs. T. A. Bush, Jackson, Miss. Tombigbee Valley Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Felder Josey, Starkville, Miss. Greater Kansas City Iris Society, Pres., Herman J. Selle, Kansas City, Mo. Jeff-Co. Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Carl Leitterman, Crystal City, Mo. Mineral Area Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. James Lee Chism, Festus, Mo.

Semo Iris Society, Pres., Norman Gossling, Jackson, Mo.

Southwest Missouri Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. O. L. Beavers, Stark City, Mo. Great Falls Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Maude Baxter, Great Falls, Mont. Dawson County Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Jim Jones, Overton, Nebr.

Empire State Iris Society, Pres., Dr. Irwin A. Conroe, Slingerla-nds, N. Y. Akron Area Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Frank Bourne, Barberton, Ohio Central Ohio Iris Society, Pres., Edmund Siegling, Columbus, Ohio.

Miami Valley Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Earl Hall, West Alexandria, Ohio Northeast Ohio Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Anthony Willott, Cleveland, Ohio Oklahoma Iris Society', Pres., Mr. Perry Shelley, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Tulsa Area Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Howard Dolph, Tulsa, Okla.

Blair County Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. D. M. Howard, Hollidaysburg, Pa. Delaware Valley Iris Society, Pres., Norman R. Clouser, Reading, Pa.

East Tennessee Iris Society', Pres., Mr. Aubrey Calyon, Knoxville, Tenn. Tennessee Valley Iris Society', Pres., Mrs. Clint Pickens, Lewisburg, Tenn. Memphis Area Iris Society', Pres., C. Herman Cunn, Memphis, Tenn.

Big D Iris Society, Pres., Mr. L. O. Jordan, Dallas, Texas E-Tex. Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Ann Price, Hallsville, Texas El Paso Iris Society, Pres., Mr. T. G. Harris, El Paso, Texas.

South Plains Iris Society', Pres., Mr. William K. Patton, Matador, Texas Rainbow Iris Society, Pres., Mrs. Pearl Brian, Ogden, Utah Utah Iris Society, Pres., Leon B. Robertson, Murray, Utah Seattle Iris Society, Pres., Harvy Simmons, Seattle, Wash.

Wisconsin Iris Society, Pres., Arthur Blodgett, Waukesha, Wis.

The conditions under which a state or local iris society may become an Affiliate of AIS are—

1. Its officers and directors must be members of AIS.

2. Participation in the AIS registration and award system is required.

3. Societies having less than 50 percent of their members belonging to AIS, and meeting the other conditions, will be required to pay an annual fee of $25.00.

The names of societies given Affiliate status will be published in the AIS Bulletin.

Inquiries and applications for affiliation should be addressed to Mr. Edward E. Varnum, 550 So. Princeton Ave., Villa Park, Ill. 60181.

To Secretaries of Affiliates: Please report promptly the names and addresses of new presidents to the Editor as well as to Mr. Varnum.


From the President's Desk

Fischer Begins Second Term as President

At the Board meeting in Denver on November 5th and 6th, Past Presidents Carney, Rogers and Walker and all Directors were in at¬ tendance except Bartholomew, who has served the Society so long and faithfully as Director of the Robin Program. Because of ill health he has requested to be relieved of that position, but will continue as chair¬ man of the Robin Committee and stay on as a Board member until his term expires in 1967. A new appointment for Director of the Robin Program is under consideration and will be confirmed as soon as possible. A vote of thanks and appreciation was given to John for his splendid work in guiding the Robin Program to its important position in the Society.

We were pleased to have present at the meeting the chairman of the Scientific committee, Herbert Parker, who gave his report in person. He was in agreement with the request by Roy Davidson, the chairman of the newly formed Species committee, that the group work with and be part of the Scientific committee.

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Rowe was confirmed as chairman of the Youth com¬ mittee. In her comprehensive report were outlined recommendations for a Junior group within AIS with a nominal fee, a booklet for the Junior grower, a Junior Robin, show awards, symposium for their favorite selections, space in the Bulletin, etc. Much time and thought has been spent, and a great deal of correspondence, in order to accumulate the information for this program; and I hope that a program can be activated, as other plant societies have been successful with such plans.

Joe Gatty was confirmed as chairman of the Publicity and Public Relations committee, with Miss Ruth Rees continuing as consultant. We have been lacking in publicity in the past and this important committee will need the cooperation of all of the Regional Vice Presidents, Affiliates and Sections, and all should be represented.

Our Historian, Helen McCaughey, reports that the tape recorder is in the East, where some of the old time members are recording their early ex¬ periences and history of the Society. Another recorder will be available in the St. Louis office for the same purpose. Much interesting information will be made available in this way for future use.

Photo courtesy Joe Gatty

Bob Schreiner is still asking for slides for his program. Now is a good time to select a few good ones from your best and send them on to him. A vote of thanks was voted for the slides sent in of the Newark convention from Region 19.

It was a great relief when Art Nelson announced that he intended to continue his multiple duties. Without the continued dedicated work by him and his daughter, Kay, we would indeed face problems not easily or quickly resolved. I wish to take this opportunity to state my appreciation to all of the Board members and committees who have been such great help in this, my first year as President.

All committees made full reports and details are in the minutes elsewhere. The Treasurer’s report shows that we are operating within our income, but unfortunately it is the earnings from the reserve fund that have prevented us from showing a deficit. In order to continue the quality of the Bulletins and the services to members, we must increase our membership or consider raising dues. It is hope that increased membership in the coming year will help cover the increasing cost of operating.

The Special Awards committee recommended that the Distinguished Service Medal be awarded to Dr. Philip A. Loomis for his many years ol breeding and general interest in irises. The Hybridizer’s Medals were voted to Walker Ferguson for his outstanding work with the spuria iris, to Mrs. W. J. Hinkle for tier breeding in the tall bearded class and to Bee Warburton for her breeding success in the median class. Congratulations for those well deserved honors. It is gratifying to see the recognition go to the various classes, and I hope the trend will continue. Another medal was authorized, the Mable F. Johnson Memorial Medal, which will be presented to all Eric Nies Award winners.

While it has been a rather difficult year in many ways, both physically and garden- wise, there have been many bright spots. A final clean bill oi health, delightful visits to Newark, then the meetings of Regions IV in Greens¬ boro, VI at Mansfield and II at Rochester. Also at Denver we saw the display- gardens which give promise of a grand show. At home, the rains have come, the lawns again have turned green, the Oriental poppies have begun to show growth, though two months late, and the iris beds show strong healthy growth. The spurias are trying to recover from the contaminated water this spring. We already have had freezing weather and the garden is tucked in for the winter. Now we count the days before the first daffodils and tulips, and it will be nice to see the lilacs which were frosted by the late freeze and snow in May. The iris bloom must be good; could not have two poor years in succession.

Hubert A. Fischer

Flight Lines, regularly appearing in The Bulletin for years, arrived too late to be included in this issue. The material will appear in the April issue. Editor.



Dr. P. A. Loomis

The Board of Directors, at the Denver meeting in November, 1966, voted to Dr. P. A. Loomis of Colo¬ rado Springs, the Distinguished

Service Medal. Manv and avid have

been Dr. Loomis’ interests in irises and the American Iris Society, but perhaps two stand out: first, his work with the Mohrs, culminating in the Dykes Medal winner, Elmohr; and second, his work with the pinks, a work which he shared with many breeders in America. Your editor still remembers with crystal clarity his amazement at seeing in 1954 mag¬ nificent seedlings still coming from the same arilbred planting that produced Elmohr, some of which, blooming for the first time after long-delayed germination, well could have given the Dykes Medal winner a run for its money.


Georgia Hinkle

For outstanding contributions to the development of tall bearded irises, Mrs. W. J. (Georgia) Hinkle has been awarded the Hybridizer’s Medal by the American Iris Society. Among recent awards which her skill as a hybridizer has produced are four AMs and nineteen HMs. She is shown here with one of her newer products, Southern Comfort. She helped organize the Southern Illinois Iris Society, is an Honorary Judge, and chairman of Judges Training for the southern area of Region 9.


Bee Warburton

more eloquently than mere words on

Bee Warburton: medians. One never thinks of median irises without the name of Bee Warburton flashing into mind simultaneously. She has been president of the Median So¬ ciety, and currently serves as the Bulletin representative of that So¬ ciety. Her “facile” typewriter has been tireless in the promotion of these irises, in many directions. And now, by virtue of 26 HMs two AMs and two Cook-Douglas awards in re¬ cent years, the Board of Directors, has voted to her the high honor of the Hybridizer’s Medal.

So much could be written about Bee, about her unflagging enthusiasm, her drive and her energy, and her knowledge; but in the gardens of America, let such of her “children” as Brassie, Blueberry Muffins and Blue Denim speak for her, and speak paper ever can.

Walker Ferguson

For his distinguished work in the improvement of the spuria iris, The American Iris Society has awarded to Walker Ferguson the Hybridizer’s Medal. Mr. Ferguson, now past eighty years of age, has worked with irises since 1942, and with the spurias since 1950. Since then he has won the Eric Nies Award twice, and has won sixteen HMs. Six of these HMs came in 1966, and his Dark and Handsome won seventeen votes for HC.



REGION 1. Too late to get a picture and biography comes the news of the elevation of Kenneth M. Waite of Westfield, Mass., to the office of RVP of Region 1. We will try to give you these important items in the April Bulletin.

REGION 2. W. H. Peck is an at¬ torney who has been active in the iris world. Both he and his wife are avid landscapers and gardeners, and Bill’s current interest in irises dates back to a gift of rhizomes which Polly gave to him. They have four chil¬ dren, two sons at Yale, and two daughters in secondary schools. Bill has been president of the Empire State Iris Society, editor of the newsletter of that society, president of the Northeast Median Iris Society, and is chairman of the 1970 con¬ vention committee.

REGION 5. Vivian M. Buchanan is a graduate of Agnes Scott College, and is a trained social worker, special¬ izing in the field of adoptions. Her husband is a violist with the Atlanta Symphony, and is a teacher of music. In 1950 she won her first blue ribbon with Ola Kala, and in 1953, the Buchanans started clearing a hillside where their new home was to be built. The hillside was terraced for irises, and the irises moved before the Buchanans did. Mrs. Buchanan has been a member of AIS since the ’50s, and has been a garden judge since 1956.


REGION 7: Franklin Tice has been an active member of the American Iris Society since 1960 and was ap¬ pointed Garden Judge in 1965. He is a charter member of the Bins Grass Iris Society, and has served as treasurer and first vice-president. He describes himself as a backyard gardener, and grows tall bearded, Japanese and border irises; and he has been a contributing member of local and regional iris groups. He is a native of Lexington, Kentucky, where he operates a plumbing repair business.

Photo by Fabian Bachrack

REGION 13. Herbert M. Parker (Herb) is a member of the Richland Iris Society, the Kennewick Iris So¬ ciety, the Northwest Median Society and the British Iris Society. He is the recently appointed chairman of the AIS Scientific Committee. He has been a serious amateur iris grower for about eight years with an equal period of casual growing before acquiring the “addiction.’’

He maintains about 350 modern tall bearded varieties and about 200 others, including almost all the classes that can be persuaded to accept the desert climate.

His wife, Margaret, assists the bees in spreading pollen and has a modest collection of seedlings. Both members brought a love for gardening from England; they enjoy landscape work and decorative use of irises as much as the technical and field aspects. Flower photography is another interest.

Professionally, Herb is a radiation physicist, his early career being in medical physics in England and in Seattle, Washington. Since 1942 he has been connected with radiation research and research administration in the atomic energy program.

The Parkers have recently moved to new quarters on the banks of the Columbia River, with enough grounds to permit a rapid expansion of their iris plantings in the next few years.


REGION 20. Charles P. (Chuck) Gordon takes over again as RVP, after a five year period, after having been RVP of Region 20 from 1959 through 1962.

“Chuck” has been growing irises since the old “flag” days and can re¬ member when he had such beauties as Gudrun, China Maid, Gloriole, Louvois, Wabash, the Black Doug¬ las, etc.; he really thought that he had it made. When he bought Cherie the first year it was intro¬ duced, he was sure that there never could be anything finer.

He speaks of his garden as a 2 x 4 piece of ground and just a backyard garden. In this, however, he grows an average of about 350 named irises. He has been adding 15 to 25 new varieties every year, and has few older than 1958, the exceptions being some old favorites, oncos and arils.

“Chuck” started hybridizing in 1948, just for the fun of it; and he says that since that time it has just been a matter of seeing them and tossing them out most of the time. His garden is purely a hobby, and it was only in 1964 that he felt that he had anything worthy of introduction commercially, although he has registered several. His pride and joy is Above All.

He does not take all of the credit, as his wife, Helen, is as avid a gardener as he. The garden contains other perennials such as lupin, delphinium, phlox, coral bells, hems and real lilies, etc. In addition, they have a beautiful rose bed, and are not without color in the garden from crocuses in the spring until chrysanthemums in the fall.


The finest in aril and arilbred irises from LEO CLARK. Proven hardy in the midwest. Carefully grown, top quality stock. Write for free descriptive list.



4 Uiew (gardens



REGION 23. Mrs. Bernard Lowen- stein is a graduate of the University of California, with AB and MA de¬ grees in bacteriology. She has loved irises since childhood, and can re¬ member the clumps of ochroleuca irises in her mother’s garden, as well as the species growing in the wood¬ lands of California. Her husband is a government physician, and they have lived in a number of different places in the United States. In 1951, they moved to Albuquerque, built their own home, and started gardening seriously. She has been a member of AIS since 1956, and has attended a number of the annual meetings. She is past-president of the New Mexico Iris Society, and has twice been chairman of that club’s annual iris show.

REGION 24. Joe M. Langdon is a native Alabaman, and a graduate of Auburn University. He is married to the former Olive Bailey, and they have one son, Joe, age 7.

Mr. Langdon served with the navy during World War II. He operates a plumbing and heating business in Birmingham.

He is active in the Methodist church, and is past chairman of the Board of Stewards, and currently is chairman of the Commission on Stewardship and Finance. He is ac¬ tive in a number of civic affairs, and is a Mason and Shriner.

Iris and daylily growing are a family hobby, and the family en¬ deavors to keep up-to-date with newer varieties and new ideas. Mr. Langdon has been a president of the Birmingham Area Iris Society, and has held other offices in that organization. He presently is a member of the Board of Directors of the Birmingham Area Hemerocallis Society, and is chairman of the Hybrid Section, Iris Display and Test Garden of the Bir¬ mingham Botanical Garden.



William Jon Krasting

The Robin program has a new di¬ rector, Bill Krasting. Yon will re¬ member him as the cartoonist for the Bulletin, a feature which he now is phasing out to become the new director of the Robin program. He brings to the new assignment youth, vigor and enthusiasm, and the promise of John Bartholomew of assistance until he has mastered this important program of the American Iris So¬ ciety.


Joseph A. Gatty

Joseph A. Gatty, of Fair Lawn, New Jersey, began irising in 1948, and became a member of the Ameri¬ can Iris Society in 1950 and a Garden Judge in 1955. He was RVP of Region 19 from 1960 to 1963, has been treasurer of the Median Iris Society, and was the chairman of the 1966 AIS convention. He has hy¬ bridized and introduced a number of irises. Professionally, he is the As¬ sistant Export Manager of Erwin Mills, a division of Burlington In¬ dustries. He brings to his new position with AIS a whirlwind en¬ thusiasm.



After studying the possibilities of an AIS Youth program, Betty Rowe submitted the report to the Board of Directors. The report showed such careful study of the possibilities that the program was adopted, and Mrs. Rowe was appointed as the chairman.

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Rowe YOUTH PROGRAM


Roy Davidson

Roy Davidson, chairman of the newly formed Species committee, comes to his assignment with a rich interest and experience in this field. He is an amateur botanist and a student of native plants, and his garden reflects this special interest with species of penstemon and irises from the wild, of the Oriental genus hosta, and of alpine plants from the world over. Floral and landscape design is his profession, and he presently is employed as a flower



The following lists include the four categories of judges; garden judges, exhibition judges, senior judges and honorary judges.

By authority delegated by the Board of Directors, members nominated by the Regional Vice Presidents as garden judges or as exhibition judges have been accredited, respectively, by:

Mrs. Walter H. Buxton, Chairman, Carden Judges Committee.

Mr. William T. Bledsoe, Chairman, Exhibition Committee.

Exhibition judges are accredited to judge exhibitions only. Garden judges are also exhibition judges.

Garden and exhibition judges hold office for one year, with reappointment contingent upon the performance of all duties required of the office. Garden judges may not exceed ten per cent of the total membership of the Society.


Senior judges are (1) accredited garden judges automatically elevated to this class after fifteen years of service, and (2) present and past Directors. These judges have all of the voting privileges of garden judges, but are not required to visit gardens or to vote unless they wish to do so. They are ex¬ pected to participate in the training of new judges.

Honorary judges are appointed by the Board of Directors. This office is an honor given to judges who have rendered outstanding service to the Society. Honorary judges have the voting privileges of garden judges, but exercise of the privilege is optional.

In the lists, garden judges are identified by a G, exhibition judges by an E, senior judges by an S, and honorary judges by an H.



G RVP, Mr. Kenneth M. Waite, West- field

H Mr. John A. Bartholomew, Milton G Mrs. John A. Bartholomew, Milton S Mrs. Thelma Barton, Gardner S Dr. G. Percy Brown, Barre S Mr. Stedman Buttrick, Concord S Mrs. Preston E. Corey, Reading S Mrs. Irving W. Fraim, Waltham E Mrs. John Johnson, Quincy G Mrs. Stephen C. Kanela, Walpole H Mr. Harold W. Knowlton, Anbumdale G Mr. George Melnik, Deerfield E Mrs. Percy I. Merry, Needham G Miss Eleanor Murdock, East Temple¬ ton

H Mrs. Thomas Nesmith, Lowell G Mrs. K. A. Perkins, Saugus G Mr. George H. Pride, Worcester G Mrs. Shirley Spurr, Melrose

S Mr. Kenneth W. Stone, Ashby G Air. Donald I. Tufts, Grafton G Mrs. Donald I. Tufts, Grafton G Mr. Carlton J. Ulm, Taunton G Mrs. Frank W. Warburton, Westboro G Mr. Win Wheeler, Sherborn


G Mrs. C. A. Bahret, Danbury G Mr. Frederick W. Gadd, Wethersfield G Mr. John E. Goett, Monroe G Air. Frederic A. Jacobs, Meriden G Mr. Carl G. Schulz, Meriden G Mr. Coulson H. Squires, Madison S Mrs. Charles I. Stephenson, New Haven

G Mr. William Thomsen, Springdale G Mrs. Troy Westmeyer, Stamford G Mrs. Frances H. Winkler, Woodbridge


E Mr. Bernard McLaughlin, South Paris


TSe tv York

G RVP, Air. William H. Peck, Oyster Bay

G Mr. Gaylord Baldwin, Groton G Mrs. Henry W. Blenis, Ravena G Mrs. Guy Bogard, Rochester S Mr. Merton Brownell, Mt. Upton G Mrs. Wells E. Burton, Greene H Air. Fred E. Cassebeer, West Nyack G Dr. Irwin A. Conroe, Slingerlands G Mr. Earl B. Damn, Buffalo G Airs. Harry L. Edwards, Massapequa Park

G Mr. Arthur Faulds, Amsterdam H Mr. Paul F. Frese, White Plains G Mrs. Stuart Hall, Brewerton G Mr. Elston K. Herrald, Baldwinsville G Mrs. Thomas R. Higgins, Muttontown

H Mr. Thomas E. Jacoby, Oakfield G Mr. Harry B. Kuesel, Greenvale G Mrs. H. A. Laidlaw, Amsterdam G Mrs. William P. Liebegott, Bellmore, L. I.

G Dr. William G. McGarvey, Oswego G Mr. Robert Milner, North Collins G Mrs. John Al. Price, New City G Mrs. O. F. Quist, Spring Valley H Dr. L. F. Randolph, Ithaca G Mr. Joseph Ryan, Schenevus G Mr. Robert H. Savage, North Syracuse S Mr. James Stevens, Greenville G Mr. Charles Stewart, Burnt Hills G Mr. Herman Story, Freehold S Mr. John Swantak, South Kortright G Airs. Carleton Irene Van de Water, New Paltz


G Mr. George Paul Watts, Armonk G Mr. E. Freeman Yendall, Kenmore

G Mrs. Phyllis Zezelie, Massapequa Park G Mr. Clinton Ziems, West Monroe



G RVP, Mrs. Elizabeth H. Rowe, Pitts¬ burgh

E Miss Iva May Anderson, Pittsburgh S Mrs. William E. Chambers, Merion Station

G Mrs. E. A. Chariott, Moylan G Mr. Norman R. Clouser, Reading G Mrs. J. W. Dougherty, Pittsburgh G Mrs. Robert J. M. Gantz, New Hope G Mr. Russel S. Groff, New Holland G Mrs. Eugene G. Hamill, Hollidaysburg G Mr. William T. Hirsch, Havertown E Mrs. William T. Hirsch, Havertown E Mrs. John H. Hoffman, Kennett Square

G Mr. Maxwell W. Hunter, Hollidays¬ burg

S Mrs. Gustave E. Lundt, Norristown S Mr. John C. Lyster, Clifton Heights

G Prof. Larry P. Mains, Media E Miss Sophia M. Moiles, Johnstown G Mr. A. Edward Murray, Jr., Levittown E Mr. Albert E. Murray, Levittown G Mr. William Newhard, Quaker town H Mrs. R. Moore Price, New Hope G Mrs. Frank Prosky, Pittsburgh E Mr. E. Earl Rider, Easton G Mr. Cloyd F. Sensenbach, White Haven

G Mrs. Theodore R. Shiner, Nescopeck G Mr. Paul R. Smith, Sanatoga G Mrs. Guy E. Stevens, Middlebury Center

G Miss Dorothy Urick, Meadville E Mr. Jack Weber, Yeadon H Dr. John C. Wister, Swarthmore


G Mrs. Frank W. Hankins, Smyrna E Mrs. Ernest L. Smith, Wilmington


V irginia

G RVP, Mrs. J. H. Frantz, Salem G Mr. William T. Allen, Newport News G Mr. Weldon W. Ballard, Chesapeake S Mrs. F. Allen Brown, Roanoke G Mrs. Guy Kirby, Norfolk G Dr. Anne L. Lee, Norfolk G Mr. Joseph E. Lynn, Jr., Buena Vista E Mrs. John McCoy, Roanoke S Mr. Louis McDonald, Lynchburg G Mrs. Robert L. Munn, Virginia Beach E Mrs. Nelson